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Great site - Sarah and I will study it at length later. Have a great Christmas.
20 December 2005 - Barnsley
Gaynor Wood
Some lovely pictures of you all - Toby and Catherine are beautiful children. Angela you look really well on the FEW pictures you are on and John do you ever age? I thought children were meant to give you grey hair!!
30 June 2005 - Cheshire
judy gardner | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
Dear family, what a lovely heart-warming website! I'm lucky enough to be a midwife and have experienced being in attendance on several women suffering shoulder dystocia in the course a longish career. It's memorably dreadful and fraught.However, in reassurance to clients, midwives and obstetricians now have well-planned and frequently practiced drills to help deal with shoulder dystocia however unpredictable.I'm so sorry your son William died through this. Thank you for sharing your insights and joys and sorrow too.
26 May 2005 - england
thankyou for sharing your very sad and following happy stories with everyone. The pictures of your children are lovely. I'm just about to have my 2nd elective cs (1st was 8yrsago) and needed to read other peoples positive cs stories to calm my nerves a bit
22 May 2005 - bristol
Williams picture is so beautiful what a shame he earned his wings so quickly i am so sorry but im sure he's around you and his Brother and Sister every minute of the day (not to forget his dad)Your a very lovely family and a wonderful strong woman Angela well done on your site and expressing your thoughts and feeling thoughts and prayers to William xxx
22 May 2005
I have just had to ahve my second c section 4 weeks ago, and have been feeling very down that any future babies will have to be delivered this way. But reading your story has lifted me and made me feel that it can be done. Thank you so very much for the hope you have given, so sorry about your loss and your two children are just gorgeous!!
17 May 2005 - United Kingdom
michelle murphy | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
my son ethan was born 6 months ago and got stuck by his shoulders. It was touch & go & he nearly dodn't make it. But thankfully they got him out. He was 10 pounds 3 ounces, born on his due date. Thankfully he wasn't overdue. Now I'm pregnant again I'm scared of the same thing happening. Do you advise a section? I've got 4 other children altogether, what is recovery like after? How painful will it be? So sorry for your loss, your children are lovely.
25 March 2005 - harrogate, north yorkshire
I was going through old messages and came back across the tibster.net site. It's a great site! I may have to follow suit. Happy holidays.
22 December 2004 - US (Indianapolis)

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